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I work with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paints, as well as charcoal/graphite, colored pencil, ink pens, and brush pens.

My artwork is mostly recreational, or to illustrate my own stories. However, I have recently begun offering illustration services. If you think my art fits your story, please contact me and we can talk about your ideas!

Secret Beauty, illustration from Fleeting Dreams (watercolor and ink)
Mr. Jones, portrait (graphite)
Through the Tamaracks, illustration from Fleeting Dreams (watercolor and ink)
The Madman Bounded Forward…, illustration from the Madman of Elkriahl. (charcoal)
Come Home to Me, illustration from the Fairy King. (Colored pencil and graphite)
Each Crest and Each Wave (acryllic)
The Dragon Revealed , illustration from Fleeting Dreams (Watercolor, ink pen)
Oh! My Haven Still (oil on canvas)
Among the Aspens, illustration from Fleeting Dreams (ink pen)
The King is Freed, illustration from Stoneheart. (Watercolor and Ink)
It Should be Hair-Raising, (colored pencil, ink)

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