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The threat of war…

An ancient legend…

and one girl’s quest to save her country. Talminia has stood strong for generations, guided by wise monarchs, and defended by the noble and dedicated line of warriors–the Heirs of Ralienah. But now, two ambitious knights have become power-hungry and rebellious. Their web of deception and lies threatens to plunge Talminia into civil war. As the shadow of war threatens to consume all of Talminia, time is growing short. Young Nayrame` launches her bold quest to seek out and retrieve a long lost, yet powerful weapon to unite the nation. She and her noble queen must summon all of their most powerful allies to aid them in their efforts- but even that may not be enough to stop the treacherous tide. thus begins the epic tale of…THE QUEST FOR THE IVORY SWORD!


And Other Fairy tales


Enjoy a collection of delightful new fairy tales that are sure to enchant you and your children for years to come. Princes, peasants, fairies, and the ever mischievous gambies wait for you in these five new tales:

The Madman of Elkriahl: When the prince disappears, the king dies, and his brother comes into power, Gretta’s world changes forever. But after a startling revelation, she sets out with a dangerous madman on a quest that may change the fate of her nation.

The Fairy King: When little Anya’s father leaves to find work in the city, Aunt Aggie comes to stay. Father doesn’t know that Aggie is cruel and makes Anya’s life miserable! Desperate to escape, Anya looks to the Perilous Wood, home of the Fairy King. Will he be her hope, or her captor?

Dilmond Garp and the Wibberwon Gamby: Young Dilmond Garp isn’t a bad boy, he simply doesn’t like to to his chores, and who can blame him for that? But when he strikes a deal with a magical gamby, Dilmond finds he’s got more trouble than he bargained for!

Stoneheart: A jealous fairy curses a young prince and his kingdom by turning his heart into stone. If love cannot save him, then he and the entire country are doomed to become her slaves. The Traveler’s Game: A small kingdom bound by snow and ice is held in the grip of a cruel and murderous king- but when a mysterious stranger comes over the mountains, the wicked king may find the stakes have become too high for his liking!

Mystery, enchantments, and adventure lurk behind every page. Don’t wait! Open it up and see for yourself.

GANBATTE! THE TIES THAT BIND US: An AnimeLit Charity Anthology



Immerse yourself in a collection of anime-inspired stories from every genre. Experience the bittersweet memories of a tale’s end and the action-packed adventure of daring escapes and bitter betrayals. Explore the hunger inside you and the unwavering power of friendship through life’s trials. Rekindle your passion and reach out a hand to help those beside you——who says your favorite character always has to die? And when the journey is done and the curse is broken, wind down with friends, laugh, cry, and share a sip of your favorite bubble tea.

Filled with love and friendship, each tale explores the ties that bind us and the perseverance of the human spirit. Ganbatte! がんばって!Give it your all.

Featuring stories and art from:

Abigail Falanga, Andi L. Gregory, Angela R. Watts, Anna Lindwasser, Beka Gremikova, Emmarayn Redding, Erudessa Gentian, Hannah Carter, Heather Shore, Janice Verhoog, Josiah Dyck, Julisa Bask, Katya, Melanie Morgan, Melissa Wong, Noelle Nichols, Rachel Ann Michael Harris, Suzanne Verhoog, T.M. Root, Trey McIntosh, Wyn Estelle Owens, Zimri A.Z. Zoran


A Book of Poetry and Half-Tales


Oh, come and let me show you
a world of secret wonder
a world too rich with beauty
for anyone to plunder…

Step into a world of fleeting dreams with this collection of poetry and prose. Here is an intimate look into the perspective of a young woman as she experiences the intoxicating beauty of imagination, nature, love, and pain.